Bootim Careers
Who we are,
Bootim Technologies Limited is a reputable IT firm with fully qualified IT professionals who have been in different information technology sectors in and out of Uganda & Africa. It was started in 2016 to meet the growing demand of quality and professional online products and services and also provide business process management and technological advancements to organisations seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater reliability, and cost savings with fully customized network management support services.
Through a network of professional IT members, we proudly bring our different specialized skills to provide excellent, effective, efficient and transparency services to our customers at very affordable prices. Our modern and advanced technological skills enable us to produce services of the highest standard and ensure a uniform consistent quality for all our customers. A high degree of professional flexibility also allows us to offer services that go an extra mile to satisfy our customer specifications.
If developing cutting edge software is important to you, then we would wish to get you acquainted. Write the code that will run some of the largest technology companies in Africa.
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We have a quite number of opportunities for enhancing your your career as an Information Technology personel.
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