Hardware & Networks
Hardware is basically the physical parts or components of the computer such as monitor, keyboard, storage, memory etc. Interconnections of two or more devices is called a Network. The communication between two or more devices is called Networking. Commonly errors and delay in processing organisation data have been solved so far with the clients co-operating with us. Communication in an organisation is very important. Bootim network computers in all angels required to easy communication and information flow in different organisation.
Computer hardware maintenance involves taking care of the computer's physical components, such as its keyboard, hard drive and internal CD or DVD drives. Cleaning the computer, keeping its fans free from dust, and defragmenting its hard drives regularly are all parts of a computer hardware maintenance program.
Everyone loves computers when they work. Everyone screams at them when they don't. Here's how we keep your computer running smoothly into its old age. While we can't promise that we will keep your computer from ever having problems, it will at least help prevent them, and make recovery easier when they do occur.
Back up your entire data
We create various backups and let you have no worries of losing important information. As your self, when was the last time that you backed up your data? Not 'when was the last time you thought about it', or 'when was the last time you told someone how important it is', but when was the last time you actually backed up your data? And how much will you lose if your current hard drive fails right now and you have to rely on that backup ? Think about that for a second. Now, we can create a backup for your data.
Clean dust from your computer.
We are recognized nationally for our work in this area and would love the opportunity to learn about your vision. Computers are some of the most efficient dust collectors known to man. Aside from looking gross and possibly being an allergy hazard, a dusty computer will trap heat, which can reduce its performance and lifespan. With compressed air - we open up the computer case, take it outside, and blow the dust out. The exterior of the case is wiped down with a damp cloth. We are always careful about about our work and guarantee that we can do the best to clean up your computer systems.
Clean up your cabling
There are probably two things behind your computer: a mess of cables, and dust bunnies. If we're moving your computer, we take the opportunity to clean your desk and floor as well. While we can't claim that a clean work area will improve your computer's performance or lifespan, it will certainly improve your peace of mind, and clean cabling will help prevent snags and stresses on your computer ports. If you have a lot of peripherals, we use cable management of some type. Twist ties work fine. If you would like to verify your self, make a trip to any large office supply store. You can use a full out cable solution, but even a five dollar cable wrap can neaten up your desk considerably.
Organize your installation disks
We keep software, peripheral, and driver disks in a single location, preferably close to the computer. A shoebox works fine. We also make sure to have them handy before attempting computer maintenance or repairs - it's amazing what can become necessary in the middle of a lengthy troubleshooting session, and it is common to not know what you're missing until you need it! Contact us today for a quote !
Run antivirus and spyware scans regularly.
Any computer that is connected to the internet needs to have some sort of antivirus software. There is a tremendous variety of antivirus software we use to protect you against adware and spyware, everything from Bootim solutions. We use best antivirus software that will monitor your system for threats in real time, so a full daily scan probably may not be necessary, but we do make time to run a full scan every month at the least.
Clean up your software.
Every few months, we look through the 'Add or Remove Programs' interface that is found in the control panel. If there's software on there that you don't use any more, we remove it for you. This goes triple for browser toolbars, free games, and other resource-eating bits of fluff. We are aware that some system drivers appear in this list, and can cause hardware to stop working if are removed. We use excellent scanning utilities that give a graphical representation of the data stored on your hard drive. This will give you a good idea of just how much room your music collection really takes, or how much space is going to old games.
Update everything
At Bootim, We do check updates for your entire hardware and software including running Windows Updates, windows diagnostics, checking for outdated drivers, and checking for software patches and vulnerabilities. We get these updates directly form the manufacturer's websites. If you've been having problems with a piece of hardware or software, We are sure that your problem has been solved. We update your entire system and lead it to its top most perfomance.
Clean up your OS
Windows is not the most efficient operating system, and sometimes needs attention itself. It saves a large amount of unnecessary information, mostly in the form of 'temporary' files (which never get deleted) lists of recently performed searches, and the like. We use excellent programs to performance such tasks and clear out most of the unneeded data automatically. If you're interested in further optimizing your OS, give us a call right a way.
Bootim is ready to work with you at every step of your business. After we've cleaned up your hard drive, We defragment it to organize your files and enforce faster disk access times and improved system performance.
Other Personal
The computer industry is constantly changing - even if you have the same computer, there will be innovations that affect you. At the very least, you'll go into your next computer purchase far better informed than you would be otherwise.
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Online disclosure of services enables over 3 billion people all over the world to access it. We build impressive and attractive websites for your business all in good design to publish your services online.
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At Bootim, we always encourage our customers to learn more about computers in general and their systems in particular. Well educated users tend to have fewer difficulties with their system, and besides, we love computers and think everyone else should too! Our commitment is to create a computer to meet your needs and budget, using our experience to assist you every step of the way from the first visit to our website to tech support calls two years later. We accomplish this in part through friendly sales and support reps, an informative website, and publishing articles on a regular basis. Give us a call or email, we'd love to hear from you.
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